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b a r e 

b e a u t y 

"you can be
GORGEOUS at thirty,
CHARMING at forty, and
IRRESISTIBLE for the rest of your life."
-Coco Chanel

h o m e: Welcome

beauty from the inside out


i v  t h e r a p y

iv bag w/saline $50 myer's iv bag w/vitamin C $150 w/out vitamin C $100 iv bag with lipoject $70 beauty/radiance iv bag $180weight loss iv bag $150 energy iv bag $200  hangover iv bag $100 performance iv bag $250 detox iv bag $150 covid 19 bag $200 

call or text to book
must book at least 3 days prior to desired appointment

h o m e: Services

g e t  w a x e d 

h o m e: Services

chin wax



lip wax 



underarm wax



face wax 



half arm wax/ full arm wax



bikini wax



betweeni wax



brazilian wax

$65 for your first wax/$55 Maintenance within five weeks.


half leg wax/ full leg wax



back wax / chest wax



a l l  f a c e

h o m e: Services

the Suzanne

$65 60 min


the Lousie

$90/$45 (teen facial)


the Martha Taylor

$130 75 min/add dermaplane or peel $150/plus LED light therapy $190


the Ashley

$80 60 min


the Leslie

$90 60 min


the Suzy

$135 75 min 


the Lynn

$150 75 min


the Heather

$170 60 min


the Belinda 

$220 90 min Micro needling facial, smooths texture and tones. Includes derma plane   


 g e t  l a s h e d

Lash lift $75Lash extensions (full set) $150Fill in (2-3 weeks)

h o m e: g e t l a s h e d

g e t  m a d e  u p

makeup class  $65

teen makeup $40

daytime makeup $50

evening makeup $75

bridal makeup $150

bridal party $75

bridal packages require a $150 non-refundable desposit  which includes travel fee and trial run 

h o m e: g e t m a d e u p

m i c r o b l a d i n g

a semipermanent technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows, in which pigment is deposited into the skin in fine, short strokes resembling hair, using a hand tool with a blade formed of tiny needles.

 Deposit $100

Day of service $400

Touch-up 6/8 weeks after initial service $100 

h o m e: m i c r o b l a d I n g

monthly facial clients can earn 20% off all future services after their first six months simply by continuing their regular scheduled visits 

*excludes microneedling, microblading and cryoclear

Show your UNA student ID and save 10% off 

h o m e: v I p
Gold Bee.png


LED light therapy $35

Dermaplane $30

Chemical Peel $30

Perfect Touch/ broken capillaries and skin tags $ 30+

Cryoclear / removal of sunspots $30+

Hand and Arm treatment $30

h o m e: a d d o n s
h o m e: t e a m

M e l i s s a 

b r a c e l e t $135 

a n k l e t  $190

n e c k l a c e  15 or 16 in $305

n e c k l a c e  17 or 18 in  $345 

B r a n d y

 b r a c e l e t  $115

 a n k l e t  $175 

 n e c k l a c e 15 or 16 in  $260

 n e c k l a c e 17 or 18 in $290

T r i n i t y (white gold) 

  b r a c e l e t $115

 a n k l e t  $175 

 n e c k l a c e 15 or 16 in $260 

 n e c k l a c e 17 or 18 in  $290

M a t t i e (white gold)

 b r a c e l e t  $145

 a n k l e t   $215

 n e c k l a c e 15 or 16 in  $340

 n e c k l a c e 17 or 18 in $385

T a y l o r 

 b r a c e l e t $145

 a n k l e t  $215

 n e c k l a c e 15 or 16 in $340

 n e c k l a c e 17 or 18 in $385

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